What Is Betonite?
Bentonite is widely used in different industrial branches from drilling to oil refining, agriculture and medicine. There are more than 200 fields where bentonite production is used.
Drilling Works

Bentonite is used in making drilling agents. It improves their viscosity effectiveness which decreases filtrate loss and thickness of the filter cake. Due to this, the process of extracting drill cuttings out of the hole improves, pressure in the hole becomes steady and the drilling device gets cold and lubricated.


Used for nodulizing iron-ore concentrate when making pellets. Bentonite clays absorb excessive moisture and lubricate nodulized charge mixture. Bentonites are used as a binder to make mouldings, core sands and anti-penetration washes in foundries.

Drilling Works

Used as a waterproof material: waterproof displays, mats, gaskets, to reinforce concrete trench walls and to increase bearing capacity of sand. Used as an additive to improve cement and its derivative qualities. In bloating clay production, bentonites are used as an additive in order to increase raw clay swelling. Bentonite can also be used as a tile softening agent.

Mandoff Pte Ltd supplies Bentonite grades of API 9 and API 11
    • - Drilling works
    • - Wine making
    • - Metallurgy
    • - Environmental programs
    • - Foundry
    • - As an absorbing substance
    • - Construction
    • - As a filling compound
    • - Agriculture
    • - As an additive to animals' food
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