South East Asia Distributor For GEHO Pumps

South East Asia Distributor For GEHO Pumps

GEHO dewatering pumps are used throughout S.E.A by construction companies throughout the region.

The GEHO ZD pump is the best possible solution for wellpoint dewatering.

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For over 2000 years, the people of Holland and Belgium are working to hold back the water from the North Sea by building dikes and reclaiming land. The majority of the population in Holland lives on land that is actually below sea level. To prevent flooding pumps and canals are used. In line with this tradition, Clasal has been producing piston pumps for almost a 100 years. Geho by Clasal - your reliable pump manufacturer The Geho ZD 300, ZD 600 en ZD 900 are by far the most economic and reliable dewatering pumps in the world. They are essential to allow excavations under dry conditions to the satisfaction of the world’s major international construction companies. Due to the acquisition of the complete Geho ZD crankshaft piston pump business from WEIR Minerals Netherlands BV, Clasal expanded its expertise and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of piston pumps. The company has its own foundry in Belgium and is now responsible for the design, manufacturing and distribution of the original Geho ZD pumps. Operating in more than 30 countries, Clasal now produces domestic and industrial piston pumps with a capacity from 1 up to 100 m3/h.


The CLASAL-GEHO piston pumps have the highest efficiency and can reach a vacuum up to 9.6m. Furthermore the energy consumption of our piston pumps is less than half compared to a centrifugal pump. This low energy usage complements the sustainable nature of our products. The reliability of our pumps is unrivalled as they can run dry for an extended period of time without causing damage. Maintenance is reduced to a minimum.


Clasal is the pioneer of piston pump technology. Tracing its heritage back to 1928, Clasal is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of piston pumps. House of confidence among installers and end users. It’s our philosophy to help you with your piston pumps that will last a lifetime.

Wellpoint Dewatering Pumps
Geho by Clasal - your reliable pump manufacturer


Major infrastructure works usually require well point dewatering and horizontal drainage. This is why the GEHO ZD dewatering pump was invented. ZD pumps in versions ZD 300, ZD 600 and ZD 900 are the best and most sustainable piston pumps in the world used in dewatering. All pumps are available with or without a sound-reducing canopy.


The ZD 600/900 OPEN FRAME DIESEL pump unit, is our most popular dewatering pump on the largest construction sites in the Middle East, East Asia and Africa. This model, originally from GEHO and now made by Clasal, has proven its reliability over the last decades. A few advantages are an unprecedented high reliability allowing continuous and unattended operation. Accessibility for easy inspection and maintenance which require no special skills. And of course, the ZD 600/900 Open frame diesel is resistant to brackish water.

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